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Miranda creates high detail custom pieces

specializing in Black & Grey, Dotwork & Traditional

Anything with a dark feel

but i also enjoys doing nature, animals, flowers and trees.

EMAIL: [email protected]


Thank you so much... I would like you to know your message is appreciated and I WILL respond. However. I am sorry to say my books are closed until February 2021. :( I do not want to ignore your requests or questions though so...

📍...if you are inquiring about a new piece PLEASE EMAIL ME me at [email protected] and I will be setting time aside for emails when available on Wednesdays or Thursdays. Please be patient as I am a one human operation. Please do not hesitate to contact me. If it is for a new piece please make title “I WANT A TATTOO!” with your idea in as much detail as possible. I cannot stress this enough....I need to get a image and understand right away what you want, so I need detailed description, meaning, style, color?, placement (L or R?), size approx in inches and most of all pictures well lit straight on of area to tattoo and anY reference photos of images or tattoos and inspiration you have. Please add your contact information (Name, Email, Phone) as I will be putting you on a list to contact as soon as I am available. So serious inquirIes only. Deposits are expected once I contact and booking process begins (I will not draw anything or discuss for an extended amount of time without a deposit. Deposits can be from 100-200 depending on piece. I devote my interest and time to each client once their piece is booked and put time in my personal life to work on their unique idea and piece to create for them. I work on art about 1-3 days before tattoo date. As I have to accommodate for all my other clients as well and balance it out.

📍...if you are a previous client wanting to rebook or book another appointment, PLEASE EMAIL ME! [email protected] with subject title “(Name), (Tattoo Decription)” and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. But please be patient. I have time set aside for regular clients to rebook.

‼️...if you are having an emergency or question please email me with subject “(URGENT or QUESTION). I will respond ASAP and if not please contact studio at 780-413-8434 or contact other artists where contact info is available at


Cover Ups

2017 Portfolio