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Ritualistics has openings for seasoned artists to join our crew. We offer a variety of incentives that make being a part of this amazing team a great choice for your career as an artist. Please contact Noni for further details.....we would love to hear from you!!


“If you can dream it and describe it, we can tattoo it.”

Welcome to Ritualistics!

Our tattoo artists are capable of a wide variety of styles to suit all of your tattooing needs. From blackwork to full colour, as a fully custom shop, Ritualistics can do it all.

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page for our on-line portfolios.

The tattoo procedure in a nutshell:

1. Select your artist

2. Contact artist directly to book a consultation. Contact info is on their page or you can call (780) 413-8434 to get artist contact information.

3. Show up for your consult, place your deposit, book your tattoo appointment.

4. Come for your tattoo appointment(s) bathed, sober and with a full belly.

5. Heal your tattoo.

6. Become a rockstar.

7. Repeat.

Your first step in getting a tattoo at Ritualistics is to pick your artist. Portfolios are available on our website or in the studio. Each artist at Ritualistics has styles or subjects that she specializes in. It is important to select the artist that best suits what you would like to have tattooed.

Once you have selected your artist, you will want to book an in-person consultation with that person (if you live far out of town, please refer to our "Out Of Towners" section at the bottom of this page).

Our consultations are free of charge (but please don’t waste our time by booking and then not showing up). Please note if you wish to book a consult with an artist you will need to get in contact with the artist directly. (Email is usually the easiest) You can get contact information by calling the studio at 780-413-8434

When you come in for your consultation, you will want to bring any and all reference pictures/images/ideas that you have for your tattoo. You and your artist will go through this material to figure out what you will be getting done. At this time you will also discuss placement and size requirements of your design; as well as a budget and time estimation. At the end of your consultation, you will book either an art-view (to preview your design) or your actual tattoo appointment. We require a deposit to book both types of appointments.

Now that you’ve had your consult and booked your appointment, it’s time for the artists to do their magic. All our tattooing is custom work, which means that each and every tattoo is hand-drawn by our artists. So while you’re eagerly awaiting your tattoo date, your artist will be busy creating your unique design. Your artwork will be made available to you, either through an art-view appointment or e-mail, before you come in for your actual tattoo appointment. This allows for time for last-minute design tweaks; and prevents unhappy situations.

So it’s finally tattoo day! Hazah! You will want to come to your tattoo appointment clean, sober and with a full belly. Snacks, beverages and comfortable clothing are also a good idea. If you must bring a friend with you, please keep it to one as we have limited space available in the tattoo area. All children should be left at home. At the end of your appointment, your artist will go over our aftercare procedures with you as well as give you a pamphlet and aftercare package to bring home.

If you have any concerns about your tattoo while it is healing, please contact Ritualistics and we will be glad to help you out. No questions are stupid questions. If you have a health/healing concern outside of regular business hours, please use the messaging portion of our Facebook page and we will do our best to get back to you asap.


If it is just too far for you to travel to come to Ritualistics for your in-person consultation, we can do your consultation and art-view process over e-mail. We will require you e-transfer us the deposit fee before we can book your actual tattoo date or generate any artwork. All e-transfers should be sent to [email protected] 


Ritualistics charges $150 per hour.

Our minimum charge for anything 30 minutes or less is $150, no supply fee

Any tattoo above our minimum charge is subject to a $25 supply fee.

(Example: Your tattoo took 2 hours. So that’s $300 (at $150/hr) plus $25 and GST = $341.25).

Deposit Policy & FAQ

Ritualistics requires a deposit to hold your tattoo appointment time and must be put down before any artwork will be done. Deposits are non-refundable, and will be taken off the final cost of your tattoo.

The deposit confirms your commitment to the tattoo; and in the case of a no-show, last minute cancellation or postponement, will be used to compensate the artist for their work and prep already done.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, you must contact us two full business days before your appointment. We will make exceptions for remarkable situations (death in the family; serious illness, etc.).

The size of the tattoo determines the cost of the deposit. Deposits for smaller tattoos are $50; larger pieces range from $100 - $250. You and your artist will discuss the deposit fee during your consultation appointment.

“Why does Ritualistics require I pay a deposit?”

All of our tattoo work is hand-drawn by our artists outside of the time we spend at the shop. As subcontractors, our artists only get paid when they tattoo, not for the hours spent creating the initial design. The deposit lets us know that you are serious, and that we won’t be wasting our time drawing something that will never come to fruition.

“Can my deposit be refunded?”

No. 99.99% of the time. We can make exceptions for extreme circumstances (moving out of province, death in the family) as long as no artwork has begun.

“How can I pay for my deposit?”

Ritualistics accepts cash and debit only for deposits. If you’re from out of town, please refer to our "Out Of Towners" section above.

Our Artists

“If you can dream it and describe it, we can tattoo it.”



Lauren is inspired by nature and and has drawn for as long as she can remember. Lauren enjoys tattooing flora, fauna and all things magical in dotwork, watercolour, illustration and abstract.

To book a consult with Lauren, please email her directly



Though Katrina's style tends to lean towards the neo-traditional, she also enjoys doing trippy galaxies, pointillism, and art nouveau styles of tattoos. From ultra feminine to dark.

To book a consult with Katrina, please email her directly



Miranda specializes in high detail Pointillism/Peppershading, Black & Grey and Traditional. Anything dark, evil and creepy as well as nature, floral & animals as well.

To book a consult with Miranda, please email her directly